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The Alure of Mag Tackle Products

Prehistoric men needed no excuse. There were no local super markets. They had to hunt and fish. The women cleaned and cooked their catch, while the men sat around the campfire. Most likely they grunted lies about whose bone hooks caught the most fish. Thus, a tradition was born.

Fast forward through the years and we see our great, great grandfathers adding beer to the mix. So we can imagine them, waiting for the women to cook dinner as they knocked back a few brews. Of course they stretched the truth regarding their day on the water. This pattern continues today. But enough about drinking, tall stories and women cooking. Let’s talk lures. Mag Tackle features 10 Categories of fishing lures that attract Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout.

To improve your Kokanee fishing success, try using a Stealth Dodger, Stealth Dodger Inlaid Tape, Stealth Dodger Taped, Wing Tip UV Dodger or Wing Tip Dodger. Start in early spring when the Kokanee are in the upper water column. Then when the water temperatures warm up, the fish will go deeper. Using one of the above Dodgers will increase the odds of attracting and landing one.

Mag Tackle features the Mag Head, Mini Mag White Head, Mini Mag Copper Blade and Mini Mag Micro Blade Hoochies. These are great lures designed to catch Kokanee and Rainbows. They are often perceived as a smaller bait fish by your prey. Smaller hoochies, especially in dark colors, are easily mistaken for large nymphs and other insects. Orders over $75 are shipped for free!

These Belong in Your Tackle Box


Mag Head

pink orange brass glitter

Mini Mag Micro Blade


Mini Mag White Head


Mini Mag Copper Blade


Moon Jelly Splatter


Stealth Dodger


Stealth Dodger Inlaid Tape


Stealth Dodger Taped


Wing Tipped Dodger


Wing Tipped UV Dodger


Painted Dodger


Gold Dodger